Power Generators
Air Coalition

Electric generators collaborating to comply with regulations and participate in sound rulemaking under the Clean Air Act.

The Power Generators Air Coalition (PGen) was incorporated in January 2021 as a nonprofit 501(c)(6) organization whose members are diverse electric generating companies – public power, rural electric cooperatives, and investor-owned utilities – with a mix of solar, wind, hydroelectric, nuclear, and fossil generation. PGen is a collaborative effort of electric generators to share information and expertise in the interest of effectively managing air emissions to meet and exceed environmental laws and regulations and in the interest of informing sound regulation and public policy. Our members include leaders in the fundamental transition to cleaner energy that is currently occurring in the industry.

The main activities of PGen are: (a) to keep abreast of developments in the air and climate fields and how those developments are impacting power generators, and (b) to help its members communicate their perspective on these issues in the regulatory process. PGen as an organization does not participate in legislative lobbying or litigation.

PGen does not have an energy policy agenda or a goal of promoting certain types of electric generation. PGen and its members work to ensure that environmental regulations support a clean, safe, reliable, and affordable electric system for the nation.

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The following organizations are members of the Power Generators Air Coalition:

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